Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wisdom Wednesday: Long Distance Nutrition

My nutritional protocols are based on the QA (Quintessential Applications) format. This requires extensive muscle testing of the patient using a variety of neurological challenges. It does not lend itself to long distance nutritional consultation via telephone or Skype.

However, my practice has attracted more and more patients that live out-of-state or out of the country.

I developed a format where the initial evaluation takes place in my office. We formulate a nutritional protocol and then extrapolate the various potential routes the body may take along the path to healing. Follow up consultation is by telephone, E-mail or Skype.

My clinical experience with QA allows me to anticipate common pitfalls and shifts in nutritional support. For example, Chaste Tree is often the first herb I use in support of the endocrine system, especially if the patient suffers from poor sleep. However, Chaste Tree is seldom the total solution for hormonal imbalance.

Chaste Tree is much like the orchestra conductor. The conductor doesn’t play any of the instruments, but coordinates the music to create harmony. Just listen to the chaos when the musicians are warming up versus the majesty elicited by the conductor. Chaste Tree modulates the endocrine system. It can increase or decrease hormonal production ever so slightly, blending the chemistry to create balance. However, if one or more hormones is significantly out of balance, Chaste Tree will shift the endocrine system toward normal but cannot create full harmony. So often I use Chaste Tree for three weeks, note the improvement in sleep, then use another herb or herbal combination to bring the endocrine system into balance. It’s really a one-two punch.

Over time, my clinical experience has uncovered many similar patterns. That allows me to make accurate nutritional recommendations based on history and laboratory testing even without the benefit of muscle testing.

Obviously, the best scenario is the have the patient in front of you for testing. But that is difficult when they live and work hundreds of miles from my office.

I am now taking it a step further. For those potential patients that cannot visit S. Florida, I have started doing the initial consultation and follow-up via long distance communication. The new patient must provide a detailed history and fairly extensive lab work for me to review well prior to the initial consult. As 80% of all medical costs in this country are from testing rather than treatment, that is seldom an issue.

These long distance patients are not seeking me out as their first option, or even the second or third. I am frequently the sixth or seventh physician they have consulted. So the medical history often fills in the blanks that QA testing would uncover.

The Bottom Line:
If you or someone you know would like to experience long distance nutritional counseling, please contact the office for further details.

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